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Hypnotherapy Fees

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Taster Session – £50

This is a taster session to introduce you to hypnotherapy.  You will notice after the session (45 – 60 minutes) that you feel calm, relaxed and energised.  Recording provided to takeaway.



Hypnotherapy Session – £80

Hypnotherapy can help for many different issues, stress,confidence, anxiety,exam nerves, public speaking. Between 2-5 sessions are needed; this is always client led. Allow 90 minutes for each session, Recordings are given to takeaway.



Hypno Gastric Band – £360

You work with me over 4 sessions to change your eating habits and have the hypno gastric band fitted, enabling you to eat smaller portions and feel full more quickly. Recordings are provided to you.

Quit Smoking – £250

You leave this 2 hour session a non-smoker.  I give you the tools to take away with you after the session to remain a non-smoker.


Whilst I always give 100% effort and expertise during a hypnotherapy session with a client, success cannot be guaranteed. Clients understand that the key to success is them and agree to make changes to achieve their goals. Clients are also aware that hypnotherapy cannot make them do anything they do not wish to do and appreciate their part in the process and will play the recordings to reinforce the therapy.

What Happens?

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