Helen Phyall Hypnotherapist in Fareham, Hampshire

Get rid of excess weight

Have you had enough of the latest fad diet?  Fed up of always thinking about food?  Do you want to enjoy your food but not feel guilty about it?  Have you considered Hypnotherapy?

How can hypnotherapy help?

It can help deal with the direct cause as to why you are overweight; whether its eating for comfort, out of boredom or because of the stressful lives we lead.

Is hypnotherapy a magic wand?

I wish I had one, then my weight loss clients would walk in, sit in my chair relax, and walk out having got rid of the weight they wanted to!  It will require some effort on your part to want to change your eating habits and/or exercise habits, The difference is that many clients find hypnotherapy makes it easier to stick to the new habits, as your subconscious mind will be working with your conscious mind, this is a very powerful combination.

There are 2 different types of hypnotherapy for you to choose from

  1.  Weight loss course
  2. Hypno-gastric band


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What Happens?

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