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Free Initial Consultation


Why offer a free initial consultation?

To see if I can help you and more importantly to make sure that you feel comfortable and confident that this is the right step for you. 


What will happen?

I take a brief history and details from you; where are you now and what changes do you want to make? I introduce you to the model of the mind I use – you might know some of it or all of it – so we are on the same page.  We do some imagination games which will give me some more information on how your mind works – we are all individual.  This will also introduce you to the power of your own mind and how I work.  You then have all the information to make your decision to proceed.


What’s next?

When you decide this is for you we book 3 sessions – the majority of clients will make the change they need in those sessions. 


The First Session

We clarify the changes you want and make sure we are both clear.  Then we start the change work.  A lot of clients find changes have already started since the initial consultation.  Most clients leave the session feeling energised/lighter and full of enthusiasm.  The only thing they need to do between sessions is Notice the Changes.


Subsequent sessions

We check on progress made towards the required change and make any tweaks and adjustments – I get Helen’s resultometer out! Sometimes clients make all the changes they want after 1 session, if that’s the case we still do all 3 sessions to support your subconsious mind ithrough the changes made.  Occasionally, an extra session is required if you are not quite there.


Final Session

Again we check the resultometer.  Once you are happy I ensure the change is permanent and your mind understands there is no need to revert to old behaviours.  

I then teach you techniques so you can make subsequent changes yourself.  I’ve primed your mind over the previous sessions to enable you to upgrade and make future changes yourself.

Sometimes, if relevant, hypnosis recordings are provided over the course of the treatment but are not integral to the sessions.

What Happens?

For more information on what to expect at a typical session with Hypnotherapy Works Hampshire.

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