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Hypno Gastric Band

Do you want to get rid of your excess weight?  The Hypno-Gastric Band will help you to achieve your goal and because there is no actual surgery, there are none of the risks associated with surgery.

The hypnotherapy route works with your subconscious mind to deal with any underlying causes associated with excess weight. It creates the right mindset and new behaviours around eating. You notice your Hypno-Gastric Band is helping you to easily reduce your portion sizes, cutting down on the food quantities you eat.  Finding yourself feeling full and satisfied far more quickly.

The Hypno Gastric Band is suitable for anyone who wishes to get rid excess weight but is not a magic wand (how I wish I had one!). It requires a determination to change old eating habits and behaviours

Hypno Gastric Band | Session One

The first session we chat about how you eat and exercise now and what your goals are.

I explain what hypnosis is and answer any questions you may have and then guide you into hypnosis; a deeply relaxed state. You are fully in control at all times. I use NLP techniques, tailored to you, whilst communicating with the subconscious mind, to re-programme ingrained habits.  On leaving today’s session you feel confident that you will find yourself easily changing eating habits.

i will give you a recording that you agree to listen to daily as this reinforces the session.

You make the next 2 appointments about a week apart.

Hypno Gastric Band | Session two

This is pre-op week.

I let you know  how the Hypno Gastric Band works and is fitted. Whilst in hypnosis you will have a pre-op meeting with your surgeon and anaesthetist and they will explain the procedure. I will talk to the subconscious mind and you will deal with any causes that may contribute to your weight issue. As you leave today you feel fully confident that your operation next week will be successful.

You continue to listen toy our recording daily,

Hypno Gastric Band | Session Three

This is operation week. You notice that your weight is reducing and find that your eating habits are changing.

Today, I will be operating and inserting your Hypno Gastric Band. I will guide you through how the operation will happen whilst you’re under hypnosis. You notice how well the operation has gone and maybe feel a little tightness where the band is.

You make the final appointment  for about 1 month’s time.

Final Appointment

This appointment is to check that all is well with the Hypno Gastric Band. You decide on any adjustments that need doing whether it needs tightening or loosening.

You may require further adjustments to the band, so subsequent sessions are offered at a discounted rate.

What Happens?

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