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Quit smoking

Do you really want to quit smoking? How committed are you?  You know the health benefits of giving up and that you harm yourself by lighting up. Also you will have more money to spend, perhaps on a holiday and will be fitter and healthier. How many times do you hear how hard it is to give up and how difficult it is?

Why hypnotherapy?

Whilst you are in a very relaxed state, I will by pass your conscious mind ( the one that makes the decision to quit smoking) and talk to the subconscious mind.  The subconscious believes there is a good reason for you to carry on smoking; this is what you need to understand.  Once you have this understanding changes will be made and agreed with the subconscious.  Now your subconscious is working together with the conscious mind, you will notice how easy you find being a non smoker.

The quit smoking session

The quit smoking session is about 2 hours at Hypnotherapy Works. We start off by discussing your current smoking habits and what you can do to change those habits.  I will show you a technique to turn off cravings that you can use over the next few days.  Once you are happy with this and you agree I will then guide you into the very relaxed state of hypnosis. You are fully aware and in control at all times. I talk to the subconscious mind and use NLP and clinical hypnosis techniques to re-programme the subconscious mind to see you as a non smoker.

Your commitment

I give you with a takeaway package which includes 2 recordings so you listen to a recording daily for at least a month to reinforce the quit smoking session. You will notice how easy you find being a non smoker.

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